Wills and Estate Law

If you die without a properly prepared Will legal issues may arise in administering your estate. This can be an expensive, stressful and time consuming process for your family.

Appropriate advice and a properly drafted Will ensures that your estate is administered in accordance with your wishes and can also minimise tax consequences and the risk of expensive litigation in the courts.

In Western Australia, a Will is revoked by marriage and by divorce (if the divorce occurred on or after 9 February 2008). If either of those events have occurred for you since making your Will, your Will is void. You can however make Wills in contemplation of marriage or divorce which overcomes this issue.

Your Will may be relatively simple, or may be more complex to include family trusts, business structures, and certain consideration for children and grandchildren. We can discuss the most appropriate terms and structure of your Will and tailor it to your specific circumstances.

We provide a fixed fee service for preparing your Will. Please contact our office for fee information and to make an appointment.